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e-scope® uses cutting-edge LED technology to create an environment-friendly and cost saving energy source that enables an efficient diagnoses. e-scope® is available as an otoscope, ophthalmoscope and combined diagnostic set. The pure white light (approx. 5.500 K) ensures colour-neutral and white illumination in addition to improved colour differentiation, enabling a more efficient diagnosis in comparison with halogen or xenon bulbs. Advanced high-performance optics for otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes. Uniform illumination of the examination field with pure white light (5500 K/11.500 Lux). The LED illumination shows colours as they really are. Low maintenance costs thanks to long LED and battery life. LED burns for at least 20,000 hours compared to 20 hours of halogen/xenon light sources. 50 operating hours with e-scope and two conventional AA alkaline batteries compared to approx. 3 hours of conventional pocket instruments.



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RIESTER Mini Sets*

  • 2090 - black  w/ Padded Case
  • 2094 - saffron  w/ Padded Case
  • 2096 - green w/ Padded Case
  • 2080 - sky blue w/ Padded Case
  • 3012 - Black with Hard Case

2090 - Black w/ Padded Case

2094 - Saffron w/ Padded Case

2096 - Green w/ Padded Case

2080 - Sky Blue w/ Padded Case

3012 - black w/ Hard Case

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