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3200 Bluetooth Electronic Stethoscope with Ambient Noise Reduction, 27" Tube 3M Littmann

3200 Bluetooth Electronic Stethoscope with Ambient Noise Reduction, 27" Tube 3M Littmann

3200 Bluetooth Electronic Stethoscope with Ambient Noise Reduction, 27" Tube 3M Littmann

Provides extra listening power when a heart, lung or body sound is especially faint such as of an obese patient or when clothing restricts your listening experience with its ability to amplify sounds 24X the sound level of a Littmann cardiology stethoscope Let your patient listen to their own sounds; record multiple sounds in one patient and compare them or save up to twelve 30-second sounds on your stethoscope of multiple patients and file them electronically at your convenience; Seek a peer’s opinion with the 12-track recording capabilities Listen more carefully to sounds at half or full speed; in bell, diaphragm or extended range modes after they are recorded Visualize your patient’s heart sounds as a phonocardiogram Analyze sounds with peers, attach sounds to medical records or review them online with colleagues by transmitting the sounds utilizing Bluetooth® technology software included FREE with purchase Listen to sounds remotely without losing any sound quality when paired with the 3M™ Littmann® Scope-to-Scope Tele-Auscultation System (sold separately) Comfortable and surprisingly lightweight like non-electronic cardiology stethoscopes Helps you focus on what you need to hear through its frictional noise reduction technology Hear life-like sounds with the state-of-the-art sound sensor Hear a larger range of sound frequencies through its ability to move into “extended range” mode Easy to operate Withstands the rigors of your busy work day with its rugged design and two-year warranty Patient comfort is assured when rubber versus metal is applied to your patient when using the nonchill rim and diaphragm Excellent acoustic seal and comfortable fit with patented 3M™ Littmann® Snap-Tight Soft Seal Eartips The ruggedly designed and highly durable metal chestpiece withstands the most challenging environments Latex free Product ID = ST-3200-LM



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