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Insigne Aneste

Insigne Aneste

Insigne Aneste

CALL FOR PRICING AND OPTIONS Diaphragm-only stethoscope for application in anaesthesiology. All metallic elements manufactured from stainless steel. Streamlined head faciliting its placement under the body of a patient who cannot be moved. Headframe tubes with soft eartips manufactured from PVC automatically adjusting their shape to the shape of the ear, connected by a double leaf spring manufactured from spring stainless steel located in the separate channel of PVC Antistatic Profil tubing connecting the headframe with the head. Diaphragm cup equipped, on the external side, with a replaceable IP Standard ring, adapted for adding of any inscriptions on the whole perimeter. IP Art rings optionally available, to be chosen from the IP Art Rings Catalogue Diaphragm manufactured from epoxy-fiberglass laminate held by a metallic ring for obtaining of constant location in relation to the head. 20-year guarantee for metallic elements, acoustic seal and switch operation Diaphragm dia. 41.0mm Weight 115g Product ID.KM-Aneste

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