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Gardiner Brown tuning forks

Gardiner Brown tuning forks

Gardiner Brown tuning forks

Our Gardiner Brown medical tuning forks are designed for the accurate diagnosis of hearing loss, diabetic neuropathy & other conditions. Abnormalities are determined based on the number of seconds (plus or minus) from the point when the examiner loses the vibratory sensation vs. when the patient no longer detects the vibratory stimulus. Polished chromed hardened steel. These forks have the same high accuracy (+/-0.05%) as our scientific forks but are heavier for delivering more energy for Rinne & Weber hearing tests. Each fork has a large "foot" to deliver maximum energy to bony prominences such as the mastoid process, ball of the foot, forehead, etc. They produce unambiguous results for distinguishing conductive from sensorineural hearing loss and are superb for detecting nerve degeneration. Available individually or as a set with custom fitted velvet lined hardwood case. Product ID.GBTF###



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Gardiner Brown Tuning Fork

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Gardiner Brown set

Gardiner Brown set

Set of 6 chrome Gardiner brown tuning forks in velvet lined hardwood case 128 Hz - 4096 Hz. Made in England.





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