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Comprehensive Amsler Test Book

Comprehensive Amsler Test Book

Comprehensive Amsler Test Book

4 laminated Charts Included: 
  1. Standard Amsler Chart white lines on black background. 
  2. Amsler Chart with diagonals with white lines on black background-used in cases where the central point is not seen. 
  3. Standard Amsler Chart except with red lines on black background -used in cases of color-scotoma. 
  4. Amsler Chart with subdivided squares in the center. Uses white lines on black background. This chart allows a more minute examination of the juxta-central area, where the rectangle with the subdivided squares indicates limits of the fovea. This same chart renders great service in cases of high myopia, when held at the punctum remotum of the uncorrected eye. Included is a 50 sheet white scoring pad. Product ID.AMBK-4



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